October 04, 2003

Moving, Moving, Moving

OK, I am sick of blogger. Sick of it being down, sick of weird script problems, and now they demand I take a survery whenever I try to edit my blog.

I'm packing up my toys and going home!

I have had two offers for two domain hosts, so I leave the question here, to you, to help me decide. The offers came in the same day, and I like both of them.

One off is from mu.nu as headed up by this tough cookie-they are the hosts of our beloved Don and soon our arch-nemsis SBD. I confess I like how clean their scripts look.

The other offer is from that happy, rowdy bunch at Wet Wired. I like them since they are active bloggers, and because pylorns will be mad at me if I don't move to his site.

But I leave it to you-check out the blogs above, and get back to me in the next few days to tell me which blog host you think would suit little ol' me the best.

May the best domain win!


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