September 24, 2003

For the nice comments. They

For the nice comments. They did help. And David, I took one half-bottle of cabernet for my icky-cloud blogs, just like the doctor ordered. That, and a few mindless chick films should help me.

I think I will be ok eventually, and in the meantime will not spread my blog with doom and gloom. It is not my goal to depress the people that read my blog on a daily basis. For Chrissake-we all have enough to piss us off and upset us. Why let some little white girl in Sweden add to the plate? This site just happens to be the only place I really open my brain, so I just wanted to say:

I'm blue.

I think tomorrow's blog will be back up to standard. It may be false cheer, but hopefully the peanut gallery will still cheer me on and will forgive me my false trespasses.

On the agenda for tomorrow:

- work a bit harder at the office and hope my mangers don't notice I bunked off in the middle of the day today looking puffy-eyed, thus figuring I should be made redundant since I am an emotional toxic zone.

- take the car to be inspected. Since the vapid VW Beetle has brake problems, passing this (second try) will be iffy. If I don't pass by Monday, the car is "banned" from driving on the roads, according to the paper I received from the Swedish driving agency. Yeah, like that will stop me from driving.

- so that I pass the car inspection test, I think tomorrow I will wear my extremely cute and rather short kilt,complete with kitschy silver buckles on the side. Without any underwear on. Hey-I'm a girl. I can work it.


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