September 26, 2003

I have updated my links,

I have updated my links, including those that are linking to me. For a wild ride and the answers to everything, check out: Wet Wired. The big man in charge whose deep comments you have seen here (and was the one that brought my site to attention on his site), pylorns, gets top marks from me-he called me a hot chick. I love that.

And those of you that haven't signed my Guest Map, linked just below my links to the right, then please do give it a pass. My goal is to always have more people on that map than Jim. Hey-I told you I was competitive.

And this one is for Drew, who I imagine thought I did not have the guts to do it (am not sure how great the pic quality is, on my screen it looks a bit fuzzy, but it's the thought that counts). Please forgive the pic, though...I forgot to put something on....



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